puppy training Training the Dog shows you how to train your dog or puppy with online guides and dog training videos. Puppies are not born knowing how to behave in the human world. They need guidance to learn what sort of behaviour is acceptable and what is not.

Some dogs are easier to train than others, based on their breed, age and inherited canine nature. Puppies learn quickly, so do start early. Training can begin for a few minutes each day when your puppy is 8 weeks old. Good dog breeders should have started toilet training puppies before they go to their new owners.

Think of your puppy as a young child. There is no need to shout at or punish a dog in any way. This would diminish the bond with your dog and make training more difficult. Train your pet using postive reinforcement methods. The basics of this are to ignore unwanted behaviour and reward behaviours you would like to see repeated.

Training the Dog provides online dog training guides and tips which are easy to follow. Do take your puppy to dog training classes and spend some time practising at home. Training your pet will help to develop a bond and make your dog more attentive and willing to follow your commands. Socialisation is a vital part of training a dog, and is often overlooked or misunderstood. Most animal behaviour problems in dogs are a result of a lack of training, exercise and socialisation, so focus on these three aspects of raising a puppy to achieve a calm, relaxed and obedient dog.